In 1996 KERN-LIEBERS started its business representation in India with the foundation of Kern-Liebers India Pvt. Ltd., now located in Tumkur. KERN-LIEBERS India supplies an extensive range of power springs, constant-force springs, double self-recoiling springs and spiral springs for the most diverse applications in the automotive and consumer industry. Under the banner KERN-LIEBERS TEXTILE is highly involved in supplying the largest programme of knitting elements worldwide including large diameter circular knitting, body size, fine gauge hosiery and flat bed knitting.

KERN-LIEBERS started its production in 2007 manufacturing various kinds of wire springs and high precision fineblanked and stamped parts not only for automotive applications but for the industrial and consumer goods industry as well.  Since 2008 we supply also multicontact wipers. Our success is ensured by the high quality of our products, our comprehensive customer service and our excellent technical expertise.


1996                Foundation of the company Kern-Liebers India Pvt. Ltd.

Oct   2005       Foundation of the company Kern-Liebers Springs & Stampings

Jan  2006       Start of construction of new plant

Aug  2006       Erecting and installation of machines and equipment

Nov  2006       Inauguration of Building

Jan  2007       SOP Fineblanked / stamped parts and Wire springs

Aug 2008       SOP Multicontact wipers

Apr 2011        Merger