Corporate Objectives

Positioned for the future

Corporate objectives

Over 125 years ago, Hugo Kern founded a company in the town of Schramberg in south-west Germany to manufacture springs for the Black Forest clock industry. Today, that company has evolved into the KERN-LIEBERS group, a globally positioned supplier to the automotive, textile and consumer goods industries with annual sales of almost 600 million euros. We are one of the largest independent family businesses in Germany.

In the production of technologically sophisticated springs and stamped, bent and fineblanked parts, we hold a leading position in our market segments and have established ourselves as a competent and reliable partner for industrial companies with global significance – to give an example, you will find KERN-LIEBERS parts in about two thirds of all passenger cars worldwide. We are very proud of the extraordinary success that we have achieved through the implementation of our zero-defect objective and of the recognition it has frequently received from our customers. The financing of our business and growth has always been characterized by sustainability, so that our business today rests on a solid economic foundation that is capable of withstanding cyclical fluctuations. We also took advantage of the opportunities presented by globalization at a very early stage, becoming for example one of the first foreign companies to establish its own subsidiary in China, a move that today contributes significantly to our growth and success. In the internationalization of our business activities, the core competencies developed and established in Germany remain crucial to this day.

We are firmly convinced that this extremely successful development is based on the fact that we work persistently and consistently to realize our corporate objectives, and we will continue to do so in order to preserve and develop everything we have achieved so far.

- Our Vision and Mission are -

KERN-LIEBERS India will be the preferred business partner for our Customers, dedicated to be a growing Organisation with focus on Safety, Quality, Sustainability and Profitability.

KERN-LIEBERS India is committed to be a “” Organisation.
S - Safety is our priority, both for our employees and users of our products and services.
M - Motivated to deliver continuously improved performance.
I - Inspire to innovate in the processes we adapt and solutions we provide.
L - Lead and create benchmark in selected business practices.
E - Environmentally responsible and ethical at all times.