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5 years of Accident-Free operations in KLIN

Kern-Liebers India completed 5 years accident-free operations on 2nd Oct 2021.


On 2nd October 2021, Kern-Liebers India completed 5 years of Accident-free operations. This is an important milestone achieved by the constant efforts of the employees supported by the Management in India which has great regard for the Safety and Health of the Employees. It was only possible by the efforts put in by each and everyone in the Organization.

KLIN is able to achieve this continuously due to its initiatives on Safety & Health such as near-miss reporting and actions on those reported near misses, continuous awareness & training, and willingness of the employees to contribute to a safer working environment. This was celebrated along with the Annual Ayudha Pooja, a festival celebrated in India to respect the Machines, Vehicles, Tools & Equipment that are used in our daily life and work. The event not only gives us an opportunity to show our gratitude for their service, it also gives an opportunity to give them proper care and maintenance.