State-of-the-art methods for customized quality.

Special purpose machines (internal)

Our in-house engineering is a crucial element in the implementation of sophisticated process designs. From the customization of standard machines to the design of complete production lines, we respond flexibly to our customers' requirements.

With our special purpose machines, we develop a range of different manufacturing facilities for our own production, along with the customized test equipment required for the supporting processes of quality assurance.

In addition to purely mechanical solutions, there is also a high proportion of modern CNC and PLC controlled machines. The designs are engineered in teams with our production planners. The engineering department draws on the expertise of our in-house electronics department and its system programmers, with support from the purchasing department in the procurement process for external components.

Fully automatic assembly systems with in-line process control at high cycle frequencies.


Examples of current assembly applications

  • Laser welding

  • Pressing

  • Ultrasonic welding

  • Riveting

  • Screwing

  • Bonding

Packaging systems to customer requirements such as

  • Customer blister

  • Bulk goods in PE bags

  • Magazines

Development of fully automated measuring and testing equipment for 100% final inspection at high cycle frequencies. We can provide all of the latest measuring and testing technologies.

Examples of implemented applications

  • Inspection using vision systems
  • Leakage testing
  • Laser interferometry
  • Eddy current testing (microstructure, crack testing)
  • Tactile measuring systems, precision in the micron range
  • Force/path measuring systems
  • Non-contactless path measuring systems (capacitive and inductive)
  • Laser triangulation
  • Light-section processes

Industry applications


Electrical engineering

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

Medical technology