Precision processing

The right process for every challenge.

Contour grinding

We use a range of different grinding processes to meet even the smallest tolerances for high-precision applications with complex external geometries.

KERN-LIEBERS specializes in the precision grinding of pump, injector and other precision parts – typical tolerances for thickness and flatness are less than one micron at an average surface roughness of less than ra < 0,1.

The ground parts can be biconcave (concave on both sides), with a flatness tolerance of 1.5 to 2.5 microns, for example to ensure tightness in injectors, allowing reliable sealing against high pressure with a sealing length of less than 1 mm.

For high-precision applications with requirements of mechanical sealing we use profile grinding. In this process, the grinding wheel is dressed accurately to meet stringent profile tolerances which goes a long way in reducing vehicular emission.

Industry applications


Electrical engineering

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

Medical technology