Stamping & transformation

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Flat wire production

Customized solutions for specialty flat wires used in the automotive, spring, photovoltaic, medical, cable and textile industries.


  • Transformation of round wires to flat and square wires by drawing and rolling
  • Cutting from wide to narrow strips
  • Machining of the cut edges and polishing of all sides
  • Thermal treatments during throughput
  • Hot dip tin plating technology
  • Project: Development of a spray painting process during throughput


  • Modular systems reduce the round wire diameter by drawing, and the wire is then shaped in the production line into the required final dimension by rolling (two or four roll racks)
  • The oscillating final products are wound onto a wide range of coil bodies
  • Transformation technologies (including Sn, Ag, Ni, ZnAl) for electroplated round wires complete our range of flat wire services
  • Systems coupled with coil transfer units cut metals from a thickness of 0.008 mm up to 1.00 mm Laser welding processes are used to connect the wires
  • Blasting and polishing technologies for edge engineering and the polishing of all sides
  • Thermal treatments – in the production line or in separate muffle furnaces – are used to anneal or temper the metals. For non-ferrous metals, the induction annealing method is also used
  • Hot dip tin plating systems developed in-house for the production of high coating thicknesses with narrow tolerances
  • Project: Development of a spray painting process for the sequential coating of strips

Industry applications


Electrical engineering

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

Medical technology