Strip springs

Two out of three cars produced worldwide are fitted with parts produced in KERN-LIEBERS group. Over 90% of the cars produced in India are fitted with our parts.

Spiral springs

Spiral springs are used in many industries as a resetting element that provides a linear increasing torque.

Spiral springs are used as balancing springs for smaller angles of rotation. The energy stored is used as a counterbalance or self-aligning torque. The increase in the spring curve is almost linear.

Within the KERN-LIEBERS group of companies, these springs are manufactured by the companies Gebr. Schmidt in Wuppertal and Carl Haas in Schramberg, both in Germany. Our manufacturing expertise allows us to expand our range of products to bimetallic springs for temperature measurement and hygrometer springs for humidity measurement.

The manufacture of spiral springs for watches, a key component for mechanical timepieces, is tailored specifically to your needs. 

Spiral springs have a wide range of applications in drives as measurement or vibration sensors. From the "micro-spring" used in wristwatches to the cable tensioners used in railway systems, we cover the whole range of possible applications, a fact reflected in the extent of our range of designs and sizes.

  • Spring width: Up to 120 mm
  • Spring thickness: From 0.01 mm
  • Material: Carbon steel, corrosion resistant spring steel and special materials with specific properties such as copper alloys

Bimetallic springs are used for temperature-dependent adjustment and control operations. These highly reliable mechanical actuators, which operate for decades without additional energy from batteries, are used in thermometers, heat controls and safety switches.

  • Spring width: Up to 6 mm
  • Spring thickness: From 0.05 mm
  • Material: Bimetallic to customer requirement
  • Strip processing: Rolling and cutting
  • Additional processing: Winding as a spiral or coil
  • Application in a temperature range from -40°C to 500°C

Balance wheel spiral springs for mechanical wristwatches (caliber) or drives are the reliable "clock", or time standard that determines the accuracy of the watch. Special materials compensate for the influence of temperature and magnetism at the heart of the watch.


  • Raw spiral, round, with overhang
  • Spiral with laser welded overhang and roll
  • Spiral with roll and end curve

Dimensions and torque

  • Specially tailored to customer requirements


  • Nivarox CT
  • Nispan C


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