Stamped & fineblanked parts

Precision as a principle

Micro-stamped parts

The smallest dimensions – a million times over.

The stamping of small holes with large aspect ratios involves meeting the toughest requirements in terms of materials, tools and manufacturing processes. We provide high volume production of apertures in the micrometer range with very tight tolerances. Production facilities developed by KERN-LIEBERS and a sophisticated quality assurance system ensure a consistently high level of quality for our precision products.

Our expertise is in the production of holes with diameters ranging from 100 to 1000 microns, while meeting tolerances of less than 1 micron. Stamping angles can be customized up to a maximum angle of inclination of 50°.



An adjustable manufacturing process, with which we can also adjust the hole position and the angle of twist to a given jet geometry, completes our flexible manufacturing process. At the same time, our manufacturing process provides a high level of geometric precision.

Practical applications of micro-stamped parts can be found in gasoline and diesel injection, exhaust gas treatment, medical technology and hydraulics.

Industry applications


Medical technology