Components for textile machines

Valued worldwide: KERN-LIEBERS elements for the textile industry.

Pinned products

With over 300 years of experience and a product range of over 3,000 different types, LEISTNER is today the leading manufacturer of pin plates for stenter frames in the textile industry. Since 1998, it has also manufactured comb strips for winding machines. 
The range of types extends to a pin diameter of 0.3 or 0.5 mm.

Technological advantages of our pinned products

  • Optimal rounding of the needle tip using specialized rounding techniques
  • Uniform hardening and surface treatment of all needles across the entire bar
  • Exact and identical configuration of the needle tips
  • High level of precision during assembly and compliance with specifications for needle height and spacing
  • Processed support materials: Special brass, Nirosta, steel, aluminum, plastic and wood

Industry applications

Medical technology

Textile industry