Wire springs

Clamping rings

Clamping rings

KERN-LIEBERS PIERON – Your specialist for clamping rings in sizes ranging from 0.2 to 9.0 mm in North America and in Asia.

In cooperation with Messrs. PIERON in Bocholt, KERN-LIEBERS produces and sells clamping rings in North America and in Asia.

Clamping rings are used in steering systems in the automotive industry.

We offer a wide range of surface coatings for clamping rings made of carbon wire or stainless steel.

Dimension ranges

  • Outside diameter: Up to 120 mm
  • All wire profiles available


  • Processing of all spring and ferrous materials

Surface coating

  • Processing of commercially available coated spring steel wires
  • Surface coatings in-house or by external service providers


  • Clamping rings made of round and flat wires
  • Clamping rings with a stamped layer
  • Rings with defined bends
  • Burr-free and low-burr cut geometry
  • Short-term sample production

Industry applications


Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

Precision engineering