Wire springs

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Compression springs

KERN-LIEBERS – Your specialist for compression springs in sizes ranging from 0.1 to 12 mm.

Helical compression springs for technical applications.

From a batch size of 1 through to high-volume production, we serve our customers with springs manufactured specifically to customer requirements. We would be pleased to help you with the design and definition of the manufacturing process sequence.


  • Wire diameter: 0.1 - 4.5 mm
  • Wire cross section: Round, oval, square, rectangular and multi-arc special profiles


  • Spring ends: Flattened, drawn in, freely tapering, polished, unpolished, openly wound, special shapes / close, ground, special forms
  • Spring body: Cylindrical, conical, tapered, double-tapered, barrel-shaped and special shapes

Special features

  • 100% length check with sorting and adjustment at the machines
  • Camera check during the manufacturing process

Power lift gate compression springs for real gate automatic opening systems.

Quick prototype and service close to the Asian market.


  • Wire diameter: 2.00 mm - 6.00 mm
  • Wire cross section: Round
  • Length: 300 mm – 1500 mm


  • We offer tailor-made designs for different PLG systems.
  • Different lengths/forces can be designed to meet customer-specific requirements.

Special features

  • Good control of relaxation – up to less than 3%
  • Little scatter of load (F) and dimensions of the delivered springs through continuous process monitoring
  • Specially designed heat treatment processes that make allowance for material characteristics, process and surface
  • Various coating solutions as an in-house or external service, including zinc flake coating, e-coating, phosphatizing, flocking etc. to provide anti-corrosion capacity and reduce noise

Industry applications


Electrical engineering

Precision engineering

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

Medical technology