Wire springs

A complete range of springs.

Compression springs

KERN-LIEBERS – Your specialist for compression springs in sizes ranging from 0.03 to 8 mm.

Helical compression springs for technical applications.

From a batch size of 1 through to high volume production, we serve our customers with springs manufactured specifically to customer requirements. We would be pleased to help you with the design and definition of the manufacturing process sequence.


  • Wire diameter: 0.03 – 8.00 mm
  • Wire cross section: Round, oval, square, rectangular and multi-arc special profiles


  • Spring ends: Flattened, drawn in, freely tapering, polished, unpolished, openly wound, special shapes
  • Spring body: Cylindrical, conical, tapered, double-tapered, barrel-shaped and special shapes

Special features

  • 100% length check with sorting and adjustment at the machines
  • Camera check during the manufacturing process

In cooperation with BRAND-GROUP in Anröchte/Germany, KERN-LIEBERS produces and sells arc springs in Asia. BKL is the specialist when it comes to innovative spring solutions for the automotive drive train.

For decades, we have been developing and producing highly-stressed bow springs for dual mass flywheels and torque converters.


  • Wire diameter: 1.00 mm – 8.00 mm
  • Wire cross section: Round, oval, profiled, multi-arc


  • We offer bow springs as individual springs or in numerous spring set versions to meet multi-level characteristics
  • Optionally with progressive characteristic curve

Special features

  • Use of special spring wire qualities as “torsion wire” grade TD, with surface crack testing (40….60µm) and valve spring wire VD, "super clean" melted, shaved and surface crack tested to 40 µ failure depth.
  • Manufacturing with in-house developed technologies , which achieved protection by patents for all variants.
KERN-LIEBERS produces and sells arc springs in Asia and NAFTA.

Dimension ranges

  • Wire dimensions: 0.20 to 0.50 mm
  • Filament dimensions: 2 to 6 mm


  • Heating filament: CrAl
  • Regular filament: Pure nickel, high-purity nickel, CoFe8, molybdenum lanthanum oxide, NiFe30MnAl, CrNi 20 80


  • One-piece spiral-wound filament, laser-welded dual-material filament


  • Blister as reusable packaging
  • Bulk goods


  • Heating element for diesel glow plugs and fuel inflammation
We supply one-piece spiral-wound filament as well as laser-welded dual-material filament.


  • Wire diameter: From 0.05 mm to 0.50 mm
  • Spring coil outer diameter: From 0.25 mm to 13.00 mm
  • Length: Up to 6,000 mm


  • Spring ends: Freely tapering, flattened

Special features

  • Surface treatment: Electroplated coating
    such as gold-plated or other
  • Materials: Stainless steels for medical applications
    (also with PTFE coating), platinum alloys
Spring coils with a lenght up to 6.000 mm.

Industry applications


Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing