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Wave springs

To find the ideal spring for a particular area of application, profound know-how and many years of experience are essential. We at KERN-LIEBERS offer both. This is why we are able to provide you - in addition to our regular range of wire springs - with a special form of compression springs: the wave spring.

Wave springs are wound parts with a spring effect, made from flat material. The unique feature of these springs is their reduced spring operation height by up to 50% - while still offering the same force and deflection as a compression spring. Wave springs are thus ideal for extremely compact installations.

Single wave springs

Areas of application: Absorbing vibrations in axial direction, when shaft bearing: compensation of tolerances or thermal expansions.

Wave springs

The design of several numbers of coils allows a bigger spring deflection. In turn, the spring can be adjusted to the existing mounting space

Wave springs with shim ends

The flat end coils allow a consistent Distribution of the spring forces. Therefore an indentation of the wave heights in the mounting parts is avoided.

Nested wave springs

This special form is commonly used if high spring forces with a small working deflection are needed.

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